The Ministry of Justice allows those under appeal to use the internet through a third party to make serious representations about their innocence.

Ched Evans was wrongly convicted of rape on 20th April 2012


On 20 April 2012 Chedwyn Evans, a 23 year old professional footballer, was convicted of rape at Caernarfon Crown Court.

On Friday 17th October 2014 at 5am he was released from custody and will continue the fight to clear his name.

Chedwyn Evans maintains his absolute innocence and his family, friends and many who know the true facts of the case believe that his conviction was a gross miscarriage of justice.

On 15 July 2014 Ched’s new legal team David Emanuel of Garden Court Chambers London and Shaun Draycott submitted an application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission which is the first step to a second appeal.  They are confident in their submission. 

We believe that due to Ched’s profession, information that was not used by his original defence and other information that has been gathered since his conviction will in time overturn a wrongful conviction.

For those who only read the media reports, this website endeavours to redress the balance by presenting the evidence in a balanced and accurate manner so that the public can assess the salient facts and make their own judgement.

From the outset we would like to state that this website in no way seeks to undermine the seriousness of rape or trivialise the suffering that rape victims suffer. We recognise that rape is a terrible crime which, if committed, ought to carry a severe sentence. This website is not about the severity of the sentence, we are stating that Ched did not commit the crime of rape at all. Furthermore, we recognise and acknowledge that in rape cases the anonymity of the victim is a fundamental legal principle that should be upheld and respected.

When reading this website these fundamental points should be kept in mind:

It should be noted that the complainant who was alleged to have been raped in this case stated when interviewed by the police and subsequently maintained in Court that she could not remember anything at all, other than a very brief period in a take-away.

She remembers being in the night club and waking up the next morning in the Premier Inn, a time span that specifically covers the entire sexual activity which led to Ched being convicted of rape and his co-accused Clayton McDonald acquitted.

The only evidence of what sexual activity occurred came from the accounts of his co-accused Clayton McDonald who also had sex with the complainant and was found not guilty of rape, Ched, and the night porter who was listening outside the room.

As this case revolves around the issue of intoxication and consent, it should be noted that it is established in the case of R V Bree that drunken consent to sexual intercourse is nevertheless consent in the eyes of the law. This does not mean that if a person is unconscious through drink or drugs it is acceptable to have sex with that person but rather, where an intoxicated person is functioning and able to make conscious decisions at the time of intercourse and then subsequently regrets that decision and decides to make a complaint of rape, her self-inflicted intoxication ought not to be considered as relevant to the issue of consent.

The police arrested both Ched and Clayton at the station, they acknowledged that the only evidence that sexual activity had taken place was their admission. There was no complaint of rape, no forensic evidence, no injury and no complaint.

Finally it should be noted that the burden of proof in criminal law lies with the Prosecution and that in order to gain a conviction the Prosecution must prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that a crime was committed i.e. the Jury has to be sure an offence has taken place. Essentially, this means that following the submissions of the Prosecution if there remains any doubt that a crime has been committed the accused must be acquitted. It is not for the accused to prove his innocence.

With the above in mind please read the following key facts and make up your own mind. If you are a football fan, please put aside your affiliations and assess this case on its own merits.